Navigating French Wines

After an afternoon or evening of tasting, you will know how to order and to purchase wines you that you like, as well as the geography of the wine growing regions, and the grape varietals that they are known for.

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Wine Regions of France

Do you ever feel a little lost when ordering wines in a French restaurant? We’re here to help you find your way with a tasting tour and seminar of the wine regions of France.

You are invited to an informal dinner party in a private, Parisian apartment where you’ll sample wines from the different wine growing regions of France. From Chardonnay, the queen of the whites, to the king of the reds in Bordeaux, you’ll learn about their characteristics, what sets them apart, and how to pair them. This tasting seminar includes 7 excellent wines, and a gourmet meal. A booklet of what you covered is yours to keep after the seminar as a guide and souvenir.

Seminar fee: 148 Euros including tastings

Seminar length: approximately 3 ½ hours

champagnes side by side.png

champagneS ~ Side by side

This seminar and tasting takes you through the champagne region where we taste the different blends and styles of the high end champagnes, side by side. 

Along with carefully prepared, savory dishes you will taste luxury bubbles, and learn what flavor profile is really your favorite!

You taste a champagne that is made from 100% Pinot Noir, one that is made from 100% Chardonnay, ones that are made from the blend of 60%-40%, also the reverse of 40%-60%, and special vintage champagne, and famous cuvees.

Seminar fee: 195 Euros including tastings

Seminar length: approximately 3 ½ hours


Cru Beaujolais

We will guide you through the ten different Cru Beaujolais regions, pairing them with beautifully prepared food that emphasizes the taste of the wines.

Additionally, you will get to know about wine production, the secrets of how to pair wines with food, as well as how to buy and enjoy these fine wines.

This unique seminar and tasting will show the real value of this remarkable region that produces a large spectrum of Gamay style varietal wines.  From light and fruity to in-depth jammy, must lay-down wine bombs. 

5 Beaujolais: 130 Euros including tastings

Seminar length: approximately 3 ½ hours