Discover a the residential district not far from the Arc de Triomphe. Go shopping at a famous outdoor market and prepare a delicious lunch at a nearby private apartment. At the market you’ll purchase everything needed for a delicious meal, and learn about the customary foods.

Flavors of Paris Vivay foie gras.JPG

You and your guide will visit the stands, talk to the producers and purchase fresh vegetables, cheese, wine, and roast chicken. You will also take a little break from your shopping to visit an artisanal boutique for a tasting of some famous prune products. On your stroll back to the apartment you will drop into a top-ranked bakery to bakery to purchase your choice of pastry and a fresh baguette.

At the apartment, you'll assist your hostess with preparing the purchased items and sit down for some lively conversation and a tasty lunch.

Tour fee: 120 Euros including tastings

Tour length: approximately 3 1/2 hours