The word dosage exists both in French and English. However, it’s one of those words that is a “faux ami”; a word that does not mean the same thing in both languages. In English, dosage : dō-sij (hard j) typically refers to the taking of medicine in prescribed amounts, or dosages.

In French, dosage : dō-saj (soft j) it actually has a few meanings. It can mean a determined amount of a substance, which is similar to the English meaning. Among its other meanings, it relates to the production of wine, specifically sparkling wine. Depending on the method of making sparkling wine, sometimes a dosage is added. It’s a sweetened liqueur added to the sparkling wine before the bottle is sealed.

I don’t know about you, but I think we should let our pharmacists know about this type of dosage so they can start prescribing it “tout de suite”!