If you're cooking and you've got your game on then you might just be making a civet—a French stew of furry game or fowl, the famous  “jugged hare” in English. Typically civet is a winter dish made with hare or rabbit and flavored with onion, chives, garlic, red wine, and peppercorns; traditionally the hare swims in a distinctive dark brown broth, thickened with the little critter’s blood. The stew can be prepared without the blood for a milder taste, but purists argue that’s the essence of the dish. A civet is a very complex dish requiring a long list of ingredients and simmering overnight but the result is well worth the effort;  here’s a classic recipe   It`s a little too labor intensive for me to attempt; Michael’s up for a go, I’m sure. (Any excuse for a big wine for Michael.) And if any of you out there decide to try the recipe, drop us a line (send pix!)—we`d love to hear all about your evening! Santé!