Our List of Some Uber Chic Easter Pastries in Paris

Chocolate always springs into our minds when we think of Easter treats. Chocolate, bunnies, hens and eggs and other wonderful creations are to be seen in sweet shops everywhere,  but at Flavors of Paris decided to shake things up a little and seek out some super cool and creative Easter pastries for 2019. Here is a small selection of some Parisian treats which charmed us this year:


Paschaé by KL Pâtisserie

Chef Kevin Lacote is known among gourmets for his elegant, fine and perfectly balanced creations. High-flying desserts created with fresh, seasonal products and which are entirely natural. Lacote keeps it his creations so pure that he won’t even use natural food colouring.

Allowing his instinct and personal desires to direct him, Lacote dreams up desserts that are daring and delicate at the same time.

For Easter 2019, Kevin Lacote has married chocolate of different textures with mango and Sichuan pepper.

Plunge your spoon into an ethereal chocolate mousse to uncover small cubes of candied,  fresh mango and continue to discover the surprising chocolate crémeux twisted with Sichuan pepper (adding lemon and spicy notes). Lastly, a moist and crunchy base, made up of crusty chocolate and praline cake perfects this pure love of food moment!

Paschaé by KL Pâtisserie – 6€ (individual) / 38€ (4-5 servings) / 48€ (6-8 servings)

Available in KL Pâtisserie Boutique (78 Avenue de Villiers 75017 Paris)


Paschaé by KL Pâtisserie – 6€ (individual)

Paschaé by KL Pâtisserie – 6€ (individual)

Praline Easter Egg by Bo&Mie – 5,8€

Praline Easter Egg by Bo&Mie – 5,8€

Praline Easter Egg by Bo&Mie

The pastry creations by chef, Timothy Breton are well known for their refined style.

For his first Easter at Bo&Mie, the chef plays an indulgent generosity card, as can be seen from his thematic creation: a velvety dark chocolate (64%) egg is placed on a chocolate nest filled with a chocolate cake, and decorated with white chocolate feathers.

It’s a delicate dessert which hides many divines tastes that to be discovered within! Crunchy textures are to be found in the delicate heart of almond/hazelnut praline cream.

Praline Easter Egg by Bo&Mie – 5,8€ (individual egg) / 23,90€ (4 servings = 4 eggs)

Available in Bo&Mie Boutique (18 Rue de Turbigo 75002 Paris)


Choli Chou by Bulliz

Easter Choli Chou by Bulliz

Easter Choli Chou by Bulliz

Mathieu Mandard creates, with his team, special choux buns “sans chichi” (with no fuss) to pay homage to many celebrations which fall throughout the year.

For Easter 2019, it’s the Choli Chou! If you want  to so justice to the boutique’s philosophy behind the pastry you must bite into it assertively. This little choux (or fluffy pastry) bun perfectly rounded and chubby.

It is a mass of fresh and fizzy flavors that encloses a sour lime mousse which meets a surprising coriander praline heart.  It’s so delicious that it is tough to stop and savor and not make short work of this little choux!

Individual Easter treats to give to your love one! (but you can also keep them all for yourself!)

Easter Choli Chou by Bulliz – 1,8€ (each) / 21€ = tray of 12 choux / 59€ = tray of 35 choux

Available in the Bulliz Boutique (14 Rue de Hauteville 75010 Paris)


Icy Eggs Box by La Fabrique Givrée

This is one  beautiful box of eggs by La Fabrique Givrée! The respectable philosophy of this ice-cream maker responsible consumption. Thus the ingredients are mainly provided by local and small suppliers and they have made an environmentally responsible commitment.

6 eggs Box by La Fabtique Givrée – 24€

6 eggs Box by La Fabtique Givrée – 24€

This explains why the shells, from the organic eggs used to make the ice-creams and cakes, have been saved by the team and used as baking containers for the Easter 2019 dessert. Assembled like little shot glasses, they are truly a testament to a skillful and delicate hand.

The other part of the philosophy of La Fabrique Givrée is to use only the finest, natural ingredients. It’s not only the eggs! Thus, in each shell you will find  Madagascar Vanilla ice-cream, moist almond cake, crunchy praline and Alphonso mango sorbet. So original and absolutely delicious!

6 eggs Box by La Fabtique Givrée – 24€

Available in the boutique La Fabrique Givrée (26 Rue Soufflot 75005 Paris) and on the e-shop (Starting from 2 boxes + 15€ shipping costs)

Cindy Joffroy

Parisian based reporter with a penchant for sussing out the sweetest addresses in the city.