Where to Find a Four-Leaf Clover in Saint Germain


By Lisa Rankin

The Irish are a superstitious lot. My uncle in Ireland wouldn’t allow playing cards in the house because he was afraid that they were bad luck. And where else in the world do you have to stop the car to turn your jacket inside out and put it back on because it’s the fairies that are making you get lost in the countryside when you take a wrong turn?

The four-leaf clover is considered a lucky charm and my Irish side felt rather lucky to enjoy such a delicious lunch at a restaurant, so called Clover (with four leaves in the logo), soon to be changed to Green Clover, on a quiet little side street just a stone throw from the large, busy Boulevard of Saint Germain.

Opened four years ago by the Michelin Star chef, Jean-Francois Piège and his wife Elodie, the food is fresh and healthy with a contemporary flair. The kitchen is integrated into the dining room so you can enjoy watching the kitchen staff plating up your dishes while you wait. Although the décor feels light and airy, you are rather crammed in; tables lined in a banquette-style arrangement.

The open kitchen concept

The open kitchen concept

Your dining neighbours are so close that you can’t help getting to know your them. If you’re trying to have an intimate conversation, you’ll be leaning across the table, whispering to your dining companion. Maybe that’s ok if you’re on a romantic date, but it’s comes a little undone when you’re worried about making a wrong move and accidentally elbowing the sweet, very proper looking, grandmother next to you in the kidneys if you don’t carefully telegraph your arm movements.


Green asparagus cream soup

Green asparagus cream soup

Overall, the experience was good. The food was excellent, the staff was friendly and professional, and the kitchen and the dining area treated as one cohesive space was very pleasing.

Price for lunch with appetizer, main dish and dessert, 37 euros not including wine.

Clover | www.jeanfrancoispiege.com

5 rue Perronet, Paris, 75007

Open Daily 12:30–2PM, 7:30–10PM

Closed Sunday and Monday

Article by Lisa Rankin, hard-core foodie, wine hound, Paris lover, and Flavors of Paris founder.