About Us

About the company

Flavors Of ParisFlavors of Paris launched our inaugural tours in Paris in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter. Why? For the simple reason we’re utterly captivated by the charm of our neighborhood and its abundance of ultra high-quality food shops. Armed with a dream list of the Saint-Germain culinary treasures, we approached our prospective shops with hopes high they’d participate in our tour… and — amazing to relate — they all said yes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(We think it’s partly because we live here too.)

Not only did these wonderful shops agree to come on board, they welcomed us with Parisian passion, and were eager to share their delicacies with us… …and you!





About Lisa Rankin

Launching Flavors of Paris was an easy choice for the founder, Lisa Rankin because the company combines all of Lisa’s passions . . . her love of Paris, French culture and great food and wine.

Ever since she was a little tike in Canada, Lisa has had a passion for Paris, and all things Parisian. Maybe it began with the Madeleine books that she read when she was little and was captivated by the stories and the drawings. An artist at heart; food for Lisa is more than sustenance, it is a form of artistic creation, of pleasure, a way to share and socialize, and discover other cultures.



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